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Trusted Online Credentials for State Agencies

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Lead Agency:
Department of Commerce (Commerce), National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Funding Level:
Up to $4,000,000
Participating States: 

At least two (2) 
Summary of Funded   Concept:
This pilot will provide competitive grants to two sites (States, State consortia, or non-profits) to enable multiple human services programs to use trusted online credentials meeting the four guiding principles of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). These four principles are that identity solutions will be:
· Privacy-enhancing and voluntary
· Secure and resilient
· Interoperable
· Cost-effective and easy to use
The pilot states will demonstrate how identity solutions aligned with the NSTIC can be used to overcome barriers to integrated and effective virtual identity management and provide a foundation for improvement of public benefits administration. Priority will be given to projects which demonstrate the potential for interoperability of an identity credential from a private identity provider with both State and Federal programs. 
Addressing the   Partnership Fund’s Goals:
  • Improve program integrity by accurately capturing identity information and using it to determine program eligibility, allowing agencies to better track that the proper payment is going to the correct individual.
  • Improve administrative efficiency by using a single secure online credential across programs, eliminating the collection of duplicate data from the same applicant to different programs.
  • Improve service delivery by speeding up the process of verifying the program applicant’s supplied data and enabling appropriate services to begin promptly.
Changes from the   Original Pilot Concept Submission:
The funded pilot represents an adaptation by NIST of a proposal developed by the Collaborative Forum’s Identity Verification Work Group. The funded pilot is largely compatible with NIST’s version. The cost of the pilot was refined by OMB and NIST based on conversations with stakeholders.
Original Concept   Proposal Submitted by:
The Collaborative Forum’s Identity Verification Work Group, adapted by NIST.
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WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?  (Last Update: October 1, 2013)
What’s Happening This   Month:
NIST is working with a team that includes the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to select grantees. The FFO, which closed on May 16, seeks State, local, and tribal governments as well as non-profit organizations to participate in the pilot. 

NIST issued a press release announcing it has awarded grants to Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Getting Involved:
Based on the awards made, opportunities to get involved with pilot grantees may be feasible

Milestones Achieved:
  • NIST,ACF and FNS have concluded review of applications and moved to grantee selection stage. 
  • Funds have been transferred from OMB to Commerce to implement this pilot.
Upcoming Milestones:
NIST and its team will select participants by September 30.
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