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Based on the work of the Collaborative Forum, OMB has approved eleven pilot concepts that advance the goals of the Partnership Fund and show potential for high return on investment.   

This page is an overview of funded pilot projects. Please click on the title of each pilot for more details and recent updates. We will continue to post updates as we receive them from the lead Federal agencies.

Trusted Online Credentials for State Agencies 
Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), $4,000,000, At least 2 states

This pilot will provide competitive grants to two sites (States, State consortia, or non-profits) to enable multiple human services programs to use trusted online credentials meeting the four guiding principles of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). The pilot states will demonstrate how identity solutions aligned with the NSTIC can be used to overcome barriers to integrated and effective virtual identity management and provide a foundation for improvement of public benefits administration. Priority will be given to projects which demonstrate the potential for interoperability of an identity credential from a private identity provider with both State and Federal programs.

Supporting Permanent Placements of Foster Care Children through Electronic Records Exchange

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), $1,250,000, at least five states

This pilot implements real-time, on-line data exchange for States to share records and other information to support permanent placements of foster care children in homes across state lines. The Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (AAICPC)1 has identified current paper-based processes as causing excessive delays. Children may wait an unnecessarily long time for the paperwork for placement in a permanent home to be manually executed. Anecdotally, States have indicated that mailing documents back and forth alone can take about two months.

Do Right by Youth: A Comprehensive Strategy for Juvenile Justice Reform and Reinvestment
Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), $3,450,000, 3 states

This pilot will enable DOJ and three state or local agencies to develop, implement and test an integrated scorecard tool to realign how decisions will be made about resources and services for youth in or at risk of entering the juvenile justice system based on evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness. Pilot goals include: 1) reduced recidivism rates for juvenile offenders through provision of more effective services and 2) cost savings and/or neutrality for Federal, state, and county juvenile justice systems, such as through decreased high-cost confinement for youth better served by detention alternatives.

Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), $3.5 million, at least 3 states

TANF gives states significant flexibility in how to help needy families achieve self-sufficiency. Based on their specific priorities and requirements, states are best positioned to identify how new or existing data sources and quality control frameworks can prevent TANF improper payments while better identifying very poor families needing assistance. To identify state best practices, ACF will release a TANF program integrity grant announcement inviting states to submit proposals to test new solutions.

Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), $5,000,000, Up to 4 states

This pilot provides competitive grants to up to four states to develop and implement improved information technology (IT) systems interoperability and integration in eligibility and enrollment, case management, and other related systems. States receiving a grant would be required to produce a public report to inform other states as they consider similar systems issues. The report would detail the architecture used, programs involved, privacy and confidentiality framework developed to support appropriate data sharing, outcomes, and a “road map” for implementation by other states.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)$2.9 million,  Four states, including at least one “Medi-Medi**” state
The pilot will test an automated tool to screen Medicaid providers for potential fraud by cross-checking their credentials, background, and history among states and with Federal Medicare data. 
The pilot evaluation will address potential savings from fraud reduction for states and CMS, the feasibility of integrating Medicare and Medicaid provider files for joint risk assessment, and potential administrative efficiencies from better targeting follow-up actions. CMS will complete the pilot and evaluation within one year.

**“Medi-Medi” state refers to states that participate in the Medicare-Medicaid Data Match Program, an existing initiative currently being implemented in select states to use data analytics to detect improper payments.

Improving Medicaid Provider Program Integrity through State Shared Services (CMS Pilot Award)
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); 5 states; $2,500,000

This pilot will produce and evaluate a prototype shared services solution for states to verify Medicaid provider eligibility.  This solution is a component of the Medicaid Management Information System, which each state currently builds and maintains separately. The pilot will test how open source technology reduces fraud and administrative costs to states and the Federal government by enabling multiple states to check Medicaid provider eligibility.

State Debt Recovery via the Treasury Offset Program (Treasury Pilot Award)
Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Services (FMS); 5 states; $650,000

This pilot will simulate the improved debt collection effects of increased authority for states and Treasury to recover adjudicated overpayments from state programs that have a Federal financial component through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP).  This simulation will inform the potential gains associated with increased authority to address specific programs such as TANF.  Through TOP offset, states could avoid costlier recovery efforts while recovering larger amounts. 

Accessing Financial Institutions’ Data for Employment Detection (Labor Pilot Award)
Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration (ETA); 3 states; $600,000

This pilot will measure improvements to program integrity in programs such as unemployment insurance by accessing transaction information from financial institutions.  Using monitoring services currently used by financial institutions to identify suspicious account activity, program staff can conduct timely follow-up with beneficiaries who receive direct deposits marked as payroll to see whether they remain eligible for benefits. 

National Accuracy Clearinghouse (USDA Pilot Award)
Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS); 6 states; $2.5 million

This pilot will test gains to program integrity and administrative efficiency by allowing states to check, in real or near-real time using a cloud-based solution or shared data clearinghouse, whether an applicant is already receiving benefits elsewhere. The pilot will test both increased accuracy in eligibility determinations as well as states’ ability to issue benefits on one another’s behalf in disaster situations.

Department of the Treasury

This pilot will assess the availability, quality, completeness, and overall usefulness of state-administered benefits data, as well as state benefits screening processes, to help validate eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The pilot will address whether state data could identify both ineligible individuals who receive improper EITC payments and eligible individuals who are not claiming the EITC.

You can read more about the funding decisions on the OMB Blog at
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